The Purpose

This blog is designed to help other men, as well as myself, in the area of sexual purity.  I am not an expert in psychology, therapy, or religion.  I’m just a guy who has gone through many difficult experiences and hopes to lock arms with other men in this battle against sexual immorality.

I plan on writing many of my thoughts while interjecting the experiences of my past or even my present as I write in regards to the struggles I have faced or am facing.  My hope is that by sharing some of these experiences that it may help open some eyes and maybe show that what someone else may be going through is not so uncommon.

To start off with I am a Christian man who has struggled with the issue of pornography for over 30 years.  I haven’t been a Christian that long.  It’s how long I’ve dealt with this problem.

Pornography is a strange topic.  Even the word has a negative connotation to it akin to curse words.  It might even be considered worse than a swear word.  Many people avoid the word and/or topic and it is often referred to by other names or suggestive terminology as to not mention the word at all.

Pornography, with all its gore, has come to deserve its much known reputation.  Not that I want to get into some kind of history lesson on this subject but it can’t be ignored either.  It’s a reality that has infected not only our culture but within the supposedly “safe” confines of the church as well.  I’ve known many men who have or are struggling with pornography.  It needs to be discussed, confronted, and dealt with if men and women alike are going to get help and healing from its effects.

That is really the whole point of this blog.  Pornography is only one area of sexual immorality.  There are many others.  I have some experience in some of these other areas.  I may talk about them.  But the point is that if I can expose this dirty little secret, this hidden sin, and bring it out in the open maybe it’ll be a subject that will no longer hold men and women captive.  And believe me, it’s a sin that we’ll go to great lengths to avoid and keep secret.

So whether you’re struggling with this same issue or have something to add to the conversation, please feel free to say what is on your mind.  Maybe we can help each other.  On that note, I do want to say that if the conversation gets graphic or things are said that is not helpful or is inappropriate I will do what I can to delete those comments.  With that said, thank you for being here and I hope you find this blog edifying and/or informative.


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